AICS2 school is about to be completed!  June 19, 2019

AICS2 school is about to be completed!

June 19, 2019

AICS2 school is about to be completed!

June 19, 2019

After one year since we won the competition for the AICS2 school in Bijlmer Centrum, we are very proud to announce that the school construction period is coming to its end.


Burton Hamfelt Urban Architecture wins tender for the realization of an innovative 6.500m2 modular school for the city of Amsterdam that is expandable, contractable and moveable.

September 28, 2018

Every year the city of Amsterdam is confronted with new and often unforeseeable demands when is comes to housing new schools or existing schools that experiencing sudden growth or reduction in students. In this light the competition for the new but temporary school of the Amsterdam International Community School (AICS) is about an innovative solution housing a school in one location and after 6 years moving the schoolas a whole or in parts to another location in the city. The competition was won under the lead of De Meeuw, specialist in modular building system.

sluisbuurt studies.jpg

Design for block 6a by Burton Hamfelt Urban Architecture exhibited at the Sluisbuurt Studies Exhibition

August 28, 2018

Burton Hamfelt Urban Architects' design for block 6a for the Sluisbuurt in Amsterdam will be on view in the Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam (ARCAM) as part of the ‘Sluisbuurt Studies’ exhibition. The exhibition large scale models of two complimentary visions on the Sluisbuurt presented by both the municipality and one by the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. The design of 6a is explores designing 'the heart' of the Sluisbuurt on the InHolland plot encompassing ca. 30.000 m2 of mixed use educational facilities.

The exposition will be on show until the 6th of January 2019 at ARCAM Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam!

Almere Poort1.jpg

MBO College in Almere Poort is completed

May 18, 2018

We are proud to announce that the new MBO school for ROC of Flevoland in Almere Poort located at Olympia Quarter East in Almere Poort has just been completed. The new building of 6.750 m2 includes educational facilities, 65 parking places and outdoor spaces and invites public functions and usage where visitors are welcome to engage between students, residents and employees to be part of this campus community.