The need for quick housing solutions today requires a more manufactured approach complimented by adding advances in new technology to enhance the functionality. The 3X360 is an example of how the houses should be built now; an attractive vertical tiny housing concept with a endless range of configurations depending on the location. On the ground floor meet each individual gardens where sharing and social contact is possible. Vegetable gardens are integrated to stimulate local production. The interior is simply decorated with natural materials in the form of plywood walls and light bamboo flooring. A multi-stage open light enter houses circulation, shafts and storage space and connects each floor. The 3X360 is an innovative concept that optimally uses every surface energy, cooling and integrating existing infrastructure. The facade is finished in bamboo, a CO2-neutral alternative to tropical hardwood. Perforated pavement surrounds the building. There is a minimum surface area of 0m2 of PV panels facing south. Rainwater is collected and stored for use in sanitary facilities. The position of the large window openings and skylights ensure a maximization of natural light and ventilation. The units are optimally dimensioned for transport and produce no waste by reusing existing modular building systems which are already on the market. The houses are smart and programmable so that the water and energy consumption is transparent and manageable and reduces costs.

Location: Almere, NL
Year: 2016
Status: Ongoing
Competition: International
Site: .3 ha
Program: 3 x 50 m2 single family dwellings plus parking and outdoor spaces
Client: NEZZT/City of Almere