An investment in higher education is an investment in the urban economy of the future. Recent studies have shown that the knowledge economy provides jobs, economic value and innovation. And the student also plays its role in it. A calculation of TNO shows that each student is contributing Euro 25.000,- to the urban economy annually.  The question is, can we provide a hybrid learning-environment in which graduate students can have living/working spaces in a city like Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a great learning environment. It has the scale of a campus and an ever growing supply of organizations, institutes, start ups and companies within reach by bike or tram. Amsterdam is a unique place where talents flourish and professionals develop alongside. Student populations in Amsterdam are quickly rising, while the need for traditional large scale urban planned housing projects is declining.

Today young ambitious people and innovative companies are flocking to the cities in search of higher quality living and working spaces that either do not exist or are too large or expensive for graduates and start ups. Why not come up with a new living/work housing concept targeting forward thinking students and start ups who want to share spaces and cross breed ideas together? And why not turn this concept into an amazing urban community that can grow, change and eventually moved? Living and working together is the answer to new and affordable ways and is the way forward for any ambitious city in search of talent. Thats why we created the ‘new micro loft,’ custom made living for the young enterprising and creative class.

Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2014
Status: Study
Site: Kavel 42a te Ijburg
Program: Micro-loft live work spaces
Associates: Dynavast