Many questions formed the basis for a study commissioned by the City of Amsterdam on the best location for a school in the transformation of Amsterdam’s Overhoeks area. The exercise began with discussing the possible mass variations with all the stakeholders involved. A number of locations were made available due to the parallel development of the master plan of Overhoeks. From these discussion, four spatial location types were considered for the study; “the stand alone”, “urban block”, “quick and smart”, and “school on a roof.” What are the criteria to find a location for a new school in the ever changing and demanding city of Amsterdam? And where should it go? And should it stand alone? How fast can it get realized? How big is the building plot? Can we put in bicycle storage easily? Where can we park our car and do deliveries? How high can we build? How safe are the connections? Can we expand and/or contract in size? Is there space for a gym hall? How visible is the school from the main arrival points? How safe is for the children to bicycle there? Is there enough daylight? Will there be enough space to move and play sports? Can we phase the development? Is there hindrance from the surrounding area? Is there enough daylight? Can the building change over time? What is the relationship to the surroundings? 

Location: Overhoeks, Amsterdam
Year: 2014
Status: Study
Site: 12 ha site
Program: Secondary school education with outdoors spoace, and possible commercial program
Client: City of Amsterdam