In March 2004, together with Lawrence Barth we were commissioned to develop the urban design guidelines for the ICT media and Nepal district in the onenorth master plan, a 200 hectare new economy sciencepark in central Singapore. The driving objective for planning one-north is to shape an environment for decision making and development that will promote the construction of a lively and distinctive next-generation science park based on a vibrant mix of live, work, play and learning environments.

The development of the urban design guidelines are based on the existing planning concepts of the masterplan by the London-based architect Zaha Hadid. A spatial understanding of the realities of this strategy are defined through a set of rules and guidelines for execution by other parties. A special hybrid is invented to negotiate between the value of dense mixed use urban fabric within the economic climate of Singapore.

The results of defining protect both the strictly defined streets and expressive roofscape as a powerful image. Further, through utilising spatial voids as a design guideline to shape a new type of urban morphology, the traditional tool of GFA (Ground Floor Area) could be negotiated with the urban envelope to create a clear set of development instructions for future stakeholders.

Location: Singapore, SG
Year: 2004
Status: Completed 2008
Site: 30 ha
Program: 850,000 m2 ICT Media hub (mixed program)
Client: JTC Cooperation, Singapore
Associates: Lawrence Barth