The city and how it is experienced is quickly becoming an open source information driven industry, interactive and on demand. With open source data we are just at the beginning of a new era of city services and urban planning where 3D digital city platforms can now balance the needs of real estate development and the interests of citizens, investors and local governments. There is a clear market emerging to figure out a way of gathering and organizing this knowledge in an open source system that is not exclusively for experts. Here is the opening, this approach where the democratized and inclusive citizen engagement combined with a more centralized planning effort can be a new and innovative way to move forward.

That’s why we made ModelMe3d, to bridge the gap between the challenges of rapid urbanisation and the need for more direct involvement. ModelMe3D is a user-based interface that enables stakeholders to recognize new values in property and actively engage in the transformation of their urban environment. The value proposition of ModeMe3D is the accuracy and speed of the information and the ability to understand that in an easy and intuitive world of 3D. ModelMe3d is about creating new ways of exchanging knowledge and data between planners, policy makers, stakeholders and the general public. ModelMe3d converts insights from available data and knowledge into an open source interactive 3d digital decision-making tool.

Year: 2013 - ongoing
Status: Research and development in progress