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MBO College Almere Poort

Almere Poort, NL


The new to be built MBO school for ROC of Flevoland in Almere Poort is located at Olympia Quarter East in Almere Poort a small new town just east of Amsterdam. The new building should be able to invite public functions and usage where visitors are welcome to engage between students, residents and employees to be part of this campus community. The educational majors to be offered in this location are, Business Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics, Administration, Arts & Culture and Sports.


Our design concept is structured around 4 principle design concepts. First design concept is the shifting of the 4 story mass into two massive volumes to create both a generous and cover main entrance to the north and an open roof terrace to the south. The second design concept was a diagonal distribution of the four main educational programs so that each faculty and visitors are visually connected with each other and at the same time allow each program to grow or shrink.


Third concept was to have a continuous grid of facade openings that make both the building read as a whole and to allow for flexible transformation for future users. The fourth and most important design concept is a grand central staircase that is both visually and physically connected to the main entrance and the central auditorium creating the main spatial drama of the school


Location: Almere Poort, NL
Year: 2016 - 2018
Gross Floor Area: 6750 m2
Program: Public, Educational
Client: Lithos Bouw, Amersfort + ROC van Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Building costs: € 6.740.000
Associates: OZ Architects
Contractor: Lithos Bouw, Amersfoort