With the introduction of a new train station/transferium in Hollerich, the time has arrived to prepare Luxembourg for its next urban expansion and ensure a prosperous future for the next generation. Our proposal for the Porte de Hollerich entitled ‘Luxopolis’ is a conceptual framework for the creation of a new urban quarter centered around the new train station transferium for the Capital of the Grand Duchy.

Our ambition for the Porte de Hollerich is to create a visionary urban design by extending and intensifying the existing landscapes and traffic flows, instigating a high level of urbanity for the site. Luxopolis identifies 4 planning objectives for development.

First is to bring nature back to the site (Nature Near) where nature forms the generator for the urban plan and the main device to create continuity between the new urban quarter and the original geomorphology of the site. Second is to generate a new mobility plan (Traffic Science) connecting flows through the site in the form of a flexible bent grid. Third is to establish a critical mass of development concentrations (Urban Intensity) in the form of seven districts. And fourth to develop the plan through an intelligent phasing strategy (Organic Growth) through multiple starting points and seeding instructions to create activity on the site immediately.

Location: Luxemburg, L
Year: 2004
Site: 120 ha
Program: Infrastructure and mixed use pro gram, new train station, transferium, sports, events stadium, educational campus, RTL Media Park, housing (70%), community centre
Client: City of Luxembourg
Associates: Inside Outside
Engineer: ARUP