School buildings are not isolated, they are connected to their community as an interactive shared environment. Our vision is to make the school a central point in the small village of Ledegem, it’s own “smart heart”. The project program is for a primary school (4-5-6 grade) for 150 students, which includes a pre-school gymnasium, dining hall and administrative center. The existing building preserves the rooms use for infant and primary classes, while other programmatic components and older children move to a new building. Our architectural goal is to use two separate buildings to create a single unit, very compact and easy to read. The new volume should fit seamlessly into the surrounding area, so instead of positioning a large volume unilaterally oriented to the street, we set the various functional volumes turning off each other with the aim of creating a dynamic, safe, and inviting playground for everyone. Themes such as flexibility and extensibility are also part of this project ambitions by allowing multiple land uses and the greatest possible degree of freedom. Applying innovative techniques, the construction design is based on a modular system which has the advantage to be built on site through prefabrication very quickly, with minimal material loss and disruption to the existing school functioning.

Location: Ledegem, Belgium
Year: 2015
Competition: Finalist
Program: 2.500 m2 education and outdoor play space
Client: Scholen van Morgen
Associates: Oever Zaaijer Architectuur en Stedebouw