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Amsterdamse Poort, Amsterdam, NL


This residential housing project is located in Amsterdamse Poort, which has become the city’s second centre with almost 16 million visitors per year. The project is an integral part of Cluster 7, a major development for the transformation and growth of the area to its full potential. Taking the connection of the entertainment area to the Amsterdamse Poort shopping centre as an axis for the masterplan, the new program includes retail, parking facilities and housing.


The building responds with different housing typologies to different urban conditions. One part contains the middle sector and the living and working units, which generate the smaller scale urbanity of the new residential street, the Tussenstraat. The other part, containing social and free sector dwellings, becomes the urban facade to the two main busy roads, Flierbosdreef and Hoogoorddreef. This facade is comprised of an urban, lively and sturdy plinth that serves as a visual base for a lighter top, which becomes the most expressive part of the building.

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Location: Amsterdamse Poort, Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2017 - ongoing
Gross Floor Area: 23.345 m2
Program: Residential, Sport, Public
Client: VLPO, Blauwhoed
Sustainability & Installations: Cauberg Huygen
Construction: Pieters Bouwtechniek
Other architects: MVSA Architects, Paul de Ruiter Architects