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Entrada Gardens

The Amsterdam metropolitan region functions as a dynamic daily urban system where people live, work and relax made possible by a robust network of metro, rail stations, highways and bike paths. Due to the extraordinary high housing demand this metropolitan system is currently unleashing many underused and forgotten locations into high density urbanized destinations.


The Entrada area located on the west side of Duivendrecht beside a metro station is one such place, a mono-functional office area where people only come to work and leave. The unique location gives Entrada the potential to create a thriving green neighbourhood for compact city life. In the 21st century, domestic luxury is about having choices, choosing between large apartment or urban villas, working in your own building or riding your bike to the city center for a meeting. A generous range of local facilities is the starting point, while also enjoying the attention to public space and a community atmosphere can give the entire neighbourhood of Entrada it’s own character. Entrada Gardens.


Entrada Gardens tries to create a unique high density urban oasis with the feeling small scale and green neighbourhood. It wants to be a pioneering project for the Amsterdam region that allows residents to live, work and recreate between the best of both worlds, the small scale green village atmosphere of Duivendrecht and the dynamic busy city attraction of Amsterdam. Combining over 1.000 dwellings in a high density green setting, Entrada Gardens boast ample work spaces, facilities, cafes and as school. The thoughtful mix of program helps creates a community feeling with the benefits of a city destination, while allowing the residents to feel comfortable and safe and feel like they are part of a thriving new neighbourhood.

Location: Entrada, Duivendrecht, NL
Design: 2017 -
Completion: ongoing
Site: 3.0 ha (whole area)
FSI: 2,3
Total Program: : 110.000m2 (work and public functions 20.000 m2, 90.000 m2 housing and 700 parking places). Client: Wonam BV