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Integraal Kindcentrum

Weespertrekvaart, Amsterdam, NL


Our design vision for this Integral Child Center (IKC) Weespertrekvaart is an urban and dynamic building with a creative spirit. The plot is located in an important central location in a dynamic transformation area between the Watergraafsmeer, head of Weespertrekvaart, Bajeskwartier and Weespertrekvaart Oost. The urban character of the adjacent areas forms a diverse context in which the IKC Weespertrekvaart is one of the 8 building blocks for the entire area. The urban plan opts for a structure of building fields and building blocks. Although each building field is different in function, format and location, a recognizable neighborhood and coherent image are nevertheless created.

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The dynamic context of this block in the Weespertrekvaart neighbourhood asks for an integral approach with the neighboring buildings within the block. De urban framework is characterised by an 8 meter high base with building blocks on top. The architecture of the base has a clear relation with the building blocks on top. We propose an integral grid approach which gives room for refinement of the volume related to program and orientation. Outdoor spaces at different levels provide for an ongoing education landscape as well as nature inclusivity. The result is a future-proof building constructed within a spaceframe that allows for maximum flexibility and expandability. This adaptive capacity gives the building a very long lifespan.


The IKC is designed as an "education house" with clear sight lines and a sense of security. The outer shell of the school mixes and connects with the general and special spaces for learning. This connection makes the central atrium a sheltered and pleasant space for children to meet and learn from each other. Functions are clearly compartmentalized and can be accessed individually from outside.

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Location: Weespertrekvaart, Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2019 - ongoing
Gross Floor Area: 3.900 m2
Program: Public, Educational, Sport
Client: STAIJ