BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture purpose is to be an innovative design driven office investigating new solutions to the challenges of a rapidly urbanized and data driven world. The office is an expert in the fields of (mixed-use) housing, educational buildings, health and campus environments and interactive digital urban planning.

The practice is par­tic­u­larly rec­og­nized for re­claim­ing and trans­form­ing difficult sites char­ac­ter­is­tic of the conflicting ur­ban fab­ric, transforming challenging urban conditions into mod­els of com­mu­nity iden­tity. We achieve this through strategic design sensibility, sharp analysis and elegant design solutions at all scales. This broad approach brings extra value, fresh ideas and more opportunity in our architecture.

The practices port­fo­lio in­cludes en­vi­ron­men­tally and so­cially re­spon­sive, ed­u­ca­tional, res­i­den­tial, and in­sti­tu­tional pro­jects rang­ing in scale from sin­gle purpose rooms to cam­pus mas­ter plan­ning.

BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture’s approach always places the clients questions at the center of their work, involving stakeholders at every stage of the creative process. This allows us to resolve complex design issues in a creative and innovative way, where each project can get the personal attention it deserves.

BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture focuses exclusively on innovation driven design based projects. Recent work involves designing and building a number of educational buildings and new types of campus learning environments and the firm is currently pioneering new interactive interface for real time urban 3d modeling.


Celia Almudéver Pérez, Aina Coll Torrent, Sergio Dias, Burton Hamfelt, Patrick Huijten, Leire LamataYouri Vijzelman

Former Staff:

Klara Zubac, Ayla Azizova, Vicky Cao, Yi Ming Wu, Rory Sibley, Kinke Nijland, Benedetta Bodini, Poorna Patange, Jing Liao, Karla Jelić-Balta, Sebastian Nitu, Shaina Coulter, Pinar Balat, Enrico Robin, Monica Patel, Tomas Mašidlauskas,Tom van Arman, Mariana Rodrigues, Silvia Fracassi, Nanna Janby, Olga Chulkova, Marielle Wetter, Ilse Landwehr Johann, Henry Gao, Kristina Strecker, Laura Hann, Zak Fish

Burton Hamfelt Biography

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Burton Hamfelt is an award-winning Canadian born and trained architect. From 1995 until 2009 he was co-founder/director of the internationally focused office, S333 Architecture + Urbanism in Amsterdam and London, realizing high density mixed-use housing and urban design projects in different countries like, the Netherlands, Great Britain, New Zealand, France, Norway, Singapore, and China. Since 2008 he is an architect and owner of BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture, an innovative architectural design practice located in Amsterdam. He is teaching at Academie of Architecture in Amsterdam and most recently as a visiting Professor at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto and has served on juries and lectured at institutions internationally including, Architecture Association London, University of Calgary, University of Ljubljana, University of Oslo, Université de Montreal, Technical University of Delft, CCA Moscow, Tel Aviv and Aarhus University in Denmark.