“A simple house” is a house for a client whose dream was a house next to his own house in Veere, Zeeland. The existing house is one of the last survivors in the history of this enchanting village. This house, half brick half white, is in a very scenic location beside the Great Church. Detached but overshadowed by its own ‘foliage’.

The client has asked me to design his second home. This second house was exactly like the other houses in Veere should be simple but totally different in attitude. Traditional but very modern. Closed yet open. His wife has always had an image of the existing house had in mind but she wanted more space. She wanted the corners of the volume to see, and to be able to move around freely. The client wanted a similar house as he had seen in Vijfhuizen. That was it! “That ‘house in Vijfhuizen was discovered by the famous English philosopher and architecture critic, Alain Botton. He called it “the perfect house”.

The client was looking for the architect of this simple house asking for the same design. “I just want this house,” he said, “but his own version of it in Veere.” It looks like an antique barn in Zeeland but in a new way. I want a small house, it feels great. I want to see the area, but not be seen.

Location: Veere, NL
Year: 2009
Program: Villa ca 200m2
Client: Bert Bakker